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Saturday, June 22, 2019

What Is Blogger and what is meaning of blogger?

What Is Blogger and  what is meaning of blogger. What is the definition of blogger?  Today I am going to try understanding the concept of Blogging. 

What is Blog?:
Blog is an internet journal/ Place/ diary that's offered on the net.
By diary folks will write article or they will share their opinion, their invention and folks will scan or see it on the net that's diary.

What is meaning of blogger?:
A journalger is somebody United Nations agency write post or writing contents for blog.
Actually there are lots of people they can not talk in front of Camera or like something but they are very well in writing. So they started to write post on blog. 

What is blogger?:
Blogger may be a free tools of Google for produce journal.
In previous version a blogger brand invariably show however currently you'll be able to use it free and with none investment.
Blogger is like a website. There people can share their activities like as a women can share her adventures of parenting, a food blogger can share new food recipes, a business man can share of his business facilitates etc. Blogger is a fastest web page where you can share super fastly to your targeted people without investment and with investment.

Types of Blogger?:
There are many types of Blogger like as Food Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Marketing Blogger, Technology Blogger, Insurance Blogger etc. 

Why people Blogging?:
    There ar a lot of reason however i'm as well as ten necessary reason.

  1. There are lots of people who want to express themselves.
  2. Some folks need to share valuable info and news or like one thing to the opposite folks on the net.
  3. Lots of people they blogging for make money from Internet.
  4. Some people blogging for improve writing skills.
  5. Self Promotion.
  6. For learn more knowledge.
  7. For Connect with same minded people.

Do you understand what is blogging and what is the meaning of blogger? Leave a comment with your  opinion. If you don't understand I'll explain more easily for your understand.

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